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Another Look at The Myth of Complementary Proteins

On May 3, 2017, the following comment, which was made by a "Robert Paul", was posted it on the FOK website under my article on the topic, The Myth of Complementing Proteins. (you have to scroll down in the comments to find it)

"The information in Pride and Prejudice is totally false. I checked the Circulation letter written by Dr. Howard for the AHA Science Advisory Committee, published in Circulation on 12 November 2002, p e148. It did not say what was quoted--nothing like it. It said that the AHA supports a plant based diet, yet it has to be done carefully. She included numerous references, including citations for up to date research with more references and metastudies. It was fact based, thoughful, respectful to both MacDougall and vegetarians, and to the facts. It also included important information about how to obtain a nutritious and balanced vegetarian diet. I can only presume that the authors of this blog did not bother to vet the research mentioned in the original article from Jeff Novick’s website, but merely duplicated it. This is irresponsible journalism. I wonder if anyone cares."

He also wrote me personally and said, "your original blog is also irresponsible journalism, and I request a correction."

I clicked on his name and was taken to his FB Page and could see he had quite a background in science and research.

It seemed to me that he was a professional who meant well but mixed up some of the articles and the order in which they happened (which could make the conversation confusing). So, I wrote the following response to him.


"Here is the exact order of the discussion between Dr McDougall and Dr Howard which included 2 letters and follow ups

Original Article published Oct 2001

First letter from Dr McDougall with the response from Dr Howard, published from June 25, 2002

Second letter from Dr McDougall with the response from Dr Howard, published November 12, 2002

Also, here is a follow up to my article on the topic

I hope that helps



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