Hi, Jeff,

I have wanted to email you since the F2F early this month. I'm off from work today, and am not putting it off any longer.

My husband Brent and I attended F2F in Clearwater. Yay for us!

Brent is a physician, and I am a "retired" nurse-midwife. We are both overweight. Last year, to make a long story short, I weighed 209# at 5'5", and I was pre-diabetic at my annual checkup. I have been on anti-hypertensive medication for over 12 years; a low dose, but still. (pretty great for a nurse, right?) At least I never smoked...

I decided that I was tired of being obese, and at 53 years old, I knew that I had to make a commitment to improving my health. I started eating more real food, and decreased my portions. I have always been interested in being a vegetarian, and began doing a lot of what Mark Bittman has described as being a "vegan before 6 pm". My 21 year old daughter stopped eating meat at 16, so we have eaten many meatless meals at home for years, though cheese was a regular in our meals.  Over the year, I lost 45 pounds, and brought my blood sugar back to normal.

I watched Forks over Knives last fall, and got extremely interested. Brent, not so much. (He is quite overweight, and has a very stressful job as an Ob-GYN, and his comfort has been crap food) Then I heard about F2F, and Brent decided he would be ready to make changes, and wanted to go.

We absolutely loved the event. As you are well aware, physicians are extremely undereducated as far as nutrition goes. Brent was immediately on-board with becoming a vegan. We came home, went shopping together, and I LOVED watching him apply your label reading skills! We have (to the semi-chagrin of my 18-year old son) been "plant strong" since we got back, and my dear husband has lost 22 pounds already!!! I had been stuck at my 45 pound loss, and have started to lose again. I am confident that we will both reach our ideal weights/BMIs this year with little difficulty. Brent is on a barrage of meds for hypertension, cholesterol, allergies, and should have been on diabetes meds, but he ignored the issue. He looks forward to his labs in April, and hopefully getting off many/all of his meds.

Jeff, you were able to present such valuable information in such an entertaining and non-threatening way that you (and all of the F2F team) won over my hard-core carnivorous, junk-food, fast-food loving skeptic. Not only that, but his nurse has started bringing fruits and veggies to work for snacks, rather than the daily barrage of cookies and chips.

You are my new BFF! I love the feeling of knowing I can put together a successful 10 minute meal after work without much thought. We love your burgers. The word that comes to mind for me about this way of eating is "freeing".

Just wanted you to know that you all really had an impact on my little family. Please don't stop spreading the knowledge.

I look forward to hearing you speak again in the future-